Note: The following came to Solitary Watch in a letter from Gordon Davis, who is doing time in Pennsylvania’s SCI Somerset. He describes his situation as “Currently serving 600 days in the RHU (Restricted Housing Unit) for an assault on an inmate in general population.”

I sit in solitude alone in my cell, with thoughts of freedom running wild in my head like a child in a walker, I shiver from the bitter cold that these concrete walls give off, I can’t do nothing but lay in the corner on the cold floor naked the only light enters through the bottom of the steel door—I’m so cold—hunger sets in as as the only food I will be eating is some stale bread and if I’m lucky a piece of rotten fruit. I scratch the days into my skin with hopes of being released from these psychological confines of this concrete jungle, with no windows, no lights, no bed no running water, just a toilet that doesn’t work with the strong smell of years of urine, this is sure to make any man lose his mind.  This is the reality of a man in prison with the support of no one, do you think he hurts?

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