Voices from Solitary

Voices from Solitary welcomes submissions from currently or formerly incarcerated persons. They can include memoirs, essays, short stories, poems, or visual art. Send submissions to Voices from Solitary, PO Box 11374, Washington, DC 20008 or email to solitarywatchnews@gmail.com.

Below are links to the pieces that have appeared so far in Voices from Solitary.

No Human Being Should Be Treated This Way by Malcolm Raheem

Loneliness is a Destroyer of Humanity by Anonymous

Washington Cell Extraction by Anonymous

Isolated for Having a “Gang” Calendar by Anonymous

Day in the Life of Three Prisoners in Solitary by inmates in CA, UT, OR

High Tech Brutality by Robert Holbrook

“I Lost the Will to Live” by Brian Nelson

From a Nevada Hole by David Casper

From the Vortex of Uinta One by Brandon Green

No Longer A Part Of The World by Anonymous

The SHU is California’s Equivalent of Waterboarding by Anonymous

Exiled in Purgatory by M.O.

Behind Enemy Lines by Ojore Lutalo

A Lose-Lose Situation by Paul Sangu Jones

On The Cruelty of Children In Prison by Oscar Wilde

Waking Nightmares by M.O.

A Terribly Unique Experience by Anonymous

Thoughts of Freedom Running Wild in My Head by Gordon Davis

The Isolated Prisoner by Anonymous

Dispatches from Texas Death Row by Hank Skinner

There Must Never Be a Time When We Fail To Protest by Anonymous

We Will Not Stop Until We Are Heard by Anonymous

Letter from Calipatria Prison Hunger Strikers by Anonymous

Loneliness and Solitude by George Hernandez

The “Life Negating Emptiness” of the Pelican Bay SHU by Hector Gallegos

Beyond Inhumane by Quaheem Edwards

Pelican Bay Hunger Strike “the Only Way To Get The Word Out” by Alfred Sandoval

Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere by Anonymous

Welcome to Supermax by Pornchai Moontri

Letter From A California Prison Hunger Striker by Anonymous

Letter From A Pelican Bay Hunger Striker by John Martinez

On Solitary Confinement and Finding Humanity by Susan Crane

The Meaning of Life by Joseph Dole

An Insane Asylum Disguised as an SMU by Anonymous

A Mothers Story by Diana Montes Walker

Colorado Department of Corrections in Need of Correction by Clair Beazer

Destroyed Souls by Anonymous

Life in the RHU by Anonymous

Worse Than Angola by Anonymous

In Solitary at L.A.’s Juvenile Hall, Circa 1962, by Alan

A Little Taste of “Freedom” by Joseph Aragon

Supermaxed Out in Colorado by Clair L. Beazer

Live from Lockdown by Tewhan Butler

Home Sweet Home by Brandon Green

Breaking Men’s Minds by Eddie Griffin

Life in the Bucket by Katfish (Mike Harris)

The Other Death Penalty by Kenneth E. Hartman

Trouble Coming Every Day: ADX–The First Year, by Ray Luc Levasseur

Walla Walla IMU by Robert Longworth

On Angola’s Death Row by Lane Nelson

Caged Beasts: The Insanity of Solitary Confinement, by Charles Patrick Norman

Geezer in the Hole by Robert Platshorn

Solitary by Wilbert Rideau

Imprisoned in the First Control Unit for Women by Susan Rosenberg

De Profundis by Oscar Wilde

Life on Level 3, Texas Death Row by Thomas Bartlett Whitaker

Changing Prayer by Marco Robertson

Juvies by Anonymous (with photos by Ara Oshagan)

What Prisoners Have… by Christian J. Weaver

Survival in Solitary: A Manual Written by and for People Living in Control Units. Published by the American Friends Service Committee’s Stopmax Campaign, the manual includes many letters, poems, and drawings by current and former prisoners in solitary confinement.